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May 2009 Newsletter

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Next Meeting  May 11, 2009
Howard County Senior Center
9401 Frederick Road
Ellicott City, Maryland
410 313 1400
7:30 PM. 
Have dinner with us before the meeting 
Double T Diner
10055 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042
410 750 3300
6 to 6:30pm. Tell them to seat you with the Watch & Clock Group.

Club Officers
President          Al Takatsch              al_taka@yahoo.com
Vice President Bob Rothen              timefxr@aol.com
Secretary          Dave Hannamann   david-patricia@verizon.net
Treasurer          Stan Craig                timewatch@peoplepc.com
Sergeant-At-Arms   Earl Knight      earljan@hughes.net
Board Members
George Painter 09                   grpainter@comcast.net
George Tresansky 09             geotnant@aol.com
Brett Louis 09                          blouis@hst.nasa.gov
Dan Spath 10                           daspath@verizon.net
Leroy Roberts 10                    leroyfroberts@comcast.net
Larry Eichelberger 10            larryandkime@yahoo.com
David Grau 10                         dg33@verizon.net
Jack Kennan 09                  jgkennan@webtv.net

Meeting/Workshop Activity
My Guest David Booth will be demonstrating how to drill arbors easily for re-pivoting clocks

Tech Question for the next meeting:
How do you determine if a clock has failing chrome plated pivots?

From the Pres.
John Ryea has our safety sign up forms ready, see John at the next meeting to get your form filed away.
Stan has asked for more idea's for lectures or projects you Watch guys want to get into. Stan is bursting at the seams wanting to help and needs a direction.
Both April meetings were the relaxed laid back type. Nothing was specifically planned and all had a good time. I introduced my Guest David Booth, who is living in Westminster and has been a Self Employed Horologist for several years. Besides doing clocks and watches he recently took on Restoring Westminster's Town Tower Clock. That will be a labor of love as time goes on. He also had an interesting method of drilling arbors for re-pivoting which he will demonstrate at our May 11 meeting.
George Tresansky and I showed some Video's from
Métiers d’Art Series
You can go to this website to see it on the Internet
Click on the left side for movies:
Next meeting is this Monday,
See you there!
Al Takatsch

Tech Column
Checkout Lloyds cuckoo clock holder

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