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Bring back the DVD's after a month to see if someone else is waiting for it. If no one new asks for it, it can go another month to the same member. These DVD's work best when loaned out. So contact me if you want to Reserve any DVD. I'll get you on the list Frank Blahut  frankblahut@verizon.net
Check back anytime to see with DVD's are available.
Watch Repair Course 
11/14/11 Bill Miller until December 2011, Returned 112811
112811 Nick until January 2012 returned
031912 Alex 040912
061112 Alex
Watch Stems & Sleeves 
11/14/11 Leroy until  December 2011
111912 Alex gave back  Stems & Sleeves Watch
102212 Tom Gohlinghorst  112612
Beginners Clock Repair Course 
11/14/11 Leroy until December 2011
031212 Arthur Hailer  returned
031912 Mel 051412 returned, says not working, skipping
061112 Alex 062712
Lathe Course 1 
11/14/11 Nick Miller until December 2011, returned 112811
112811 Wilbur got it until January 2012, returned 010912
010912 LeRoy got it, returned
Wilbur   Returned
031212  Arthur Hailer returned 031912
040912 Alex
061212 Leroy
062612 Alex
Lathe Course 2 
11/14/11 Larry E. 031912
040912 Alex
061212 Leroy
062612 Alex
Wooden Works Repair 4 discs and Manual
Melvyn 061212
Don Buck 070912
Frank 082712  100812
Serefino 100812
Clock, Bushing a Spring Barrel
Clock Advanced Repivoting
102212 Mel
112612 LeRoy

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