Horological Association of Maryland, Inc.

June Newsletter 2010

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Have dinner with us before the meeting 
Double T Diner
10055 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042
410 750 3300
We meet 6:15 to 6:30pm. Tell them to seat you with the Watch & Clock Group.
Our meeting location
Howard County Senior Center
9401 Frederick Road
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042
410 313 1400
The Center opens at 7:30 PM Sharp
Turn into the Miller Library parking lot and continue back past the Library entrance to the Community Center Building

Club Officers for 2010
President          Bob Rothen              timefxr@aol.com
Vice President Dan Spath               daspath@verizon.net
Secretary          Leroy Roberts         leroyfroberts@comcast.net
Treasurer          Stan Craig               timewatch@peoplepc.com
Sergeant-At-Arms  George Tresansky  geotnant@aol.com
Board Members
George Painter 09                  grpainter@comcast.net
Brett Louis 09                          blouis@hst.nasa.gov
Larry Eichelberger 10            larryandkime@yahoo.com
David Grau 10                         dg33@verizon.net
Jack Kennan 09                      jgkennan@webtv.net
Al Takatsch                             al_taka@yahoo.com

Presidents Message
I'm planning to give a presentation on Pivoting Techniques for the Watch and Clockmaker. If everything goes as planned it will be a power point presentation. We will cover various ways of re-pivoting using easily made tools and jigs that complement your small drill press and watchmakers lathe.

Secretary Report:

HAM 14 June 2010 Meeting Minutes


In attendance were:  Wilbur Robinson, Dan Spath, Stan Craig, Earl Knight, John Ryea, Leroy Roberts, Bob Rothen, Jack Kennan, George Tresansky, George Painter, David Grau, Al Takatsch and John Bishop. Zareh Sarkissian was a visiting guest.


The meeting was opened by having each member introduce their selves and describe their horological interest.


Treasures Report – accepted as presented by Stan.


Secretaries Report – accepted as published on the HAM web site.


New Business –

.           It was recommend and approved to send a member of the club to the AWCI conference in Ohio.  Since Dan has represented us in the past he was asked if he was welling to do so again this year.  Dan accepted.


.           Stan expressed concern that our meeting start time, scheduled for 7:30, is often delayed.  All members agreed we would make a concerted effort to arrive and begin our meeting on time.


.           Future meeting agenda – Bob plans to present a demonstration on clock repivoting at the June 28 meeting.  The 1st July meeting will be dedicated to watch related issues.  Please e-mail Bob with any watch topics you would like covered during the July meeting.


In closing, Bob invited all club members to attend the NWACC chapter 141 picnic as his guest.  The picnic will be held on June 27 at Bob’s house.  If you plan to attend, please provide Bob with a head count.


A discussion was led by Zareh on the process and merits of AWCI’s policy for certifying watchmakers for the 21st century (CW21).  In summation, the high grade watch manufacturers want their watches repaired only by technicians, and in facilities that meet their established factory standards.  Without their approval the repairer will not be able to obtain genuine factory parts.


The door prize was won by Dan Spath.


Our next meeting is scheduled for June 28 at the Howard County Senior Center.


Respectfully submitted,

LeRoy Roberts


Horological Association of Maryland, Inc.
Secretary Kevin Casker kcasker@gmail.com
Webmaster David Grau dg33@verizon.net