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Suggestions for Lectures and Workshops
Clock & Watch Topics
-Fusee Talk, clock or watches
-How to charge the customer what your time is worth instead of what the customer will pay.
-Ask members about an interesting repair they did recently.

-Repairing Porcelain Dial

-Blueing Hands & Screws

-Ultrasonic, pro and cons, water base ammonia or petroleum cleaners.
-Replacing an arbor, showing usage of Staking Tools.
-Lathe Universal Motors and speed control combinations.
-Bring Video's to Meetings
Clock Topics
-Replacing teeth on small French Wheels
-How to safely remove a mainspring, open and barrel types, instruct on Olie Baker type.
-How to accurately do Hand bushing.
-Using bushing machine, installing a bushing in practice plate.
-Re-pivot an arbor.
-How to Polish and burnish pivots and why.
-Repairing a lantern pinion/gear.
-How to decide to replace or not replace a mainspring.
-How to use a depthing tool correctly.
-Setting drop and lock for escapement
-Adjusting minute hand bushing or non-bushing and setting up Hour strike alignment.
-Setting up strike timing on a American movement, French, German.
-Setting up a Hermle triple chime movement for proper strike & chime.
-How to setup auto beat on grandfather movement.
-Has anyone designed and made a clock? What needs to be learned and considered before parts are made?
-Re-pivot a clock arbor
-Pendulum Length, Amplitude & Mass
Watch Only Topics

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